Thinning Hair Problem

If you are a man who is suffering from thinning hair problem then it is a good thing for you to use Somatropin. As we grow old, there will be so many things that we have to face regarding to the looks and also the ability to do something as well. It is like the main factor that sometimes makes some people frustrated in living this life.

Actually there is no need for you to be frustrated because Somatropin is here as your ultimate solution. Well regaining the youthful edge is what Somatropin will do for you. That is why when you think you want to solve your thinning hair problem then you have to choose the right one or else you will not get nothing but regret.  So injecting Somatropin into your body is kind of the best solution instead of taking some supplements that have a potential to ruin your body.

Alcoholism Medicine Could Help Fight HIV

According to a study published in The Lancet, a medicine used for alcoholism could also help fight HIV. Last Tuesday, the researchers of the said study found out that the medication called Disulfiram can reactivate the sleeping AIDS-causing virus, that could possibly allow other medicines to kill the virus hiding out in human cells without any side effects for the patients.

The study shows that waking up the dormant virus and then killing it could be a most favorable treatment that every HIV patient is waiting for. University of Melbourne professor, Sharon Lewin also led some clinical tests wherein she gave high doses of Disulfiram to 30 people on antiretroviral treatment in just three days. The tests show that the dorman virus were awaken and stimulated at the highest dose of Disulfiram with no side effect at all.

Julian Elliot, the study’s lead author at Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Astraulia, said that this is just the first step of killing HIV. Getting rid of the infected cell is the next thing to work on.

Burned Firefighter Receives Most Extensive Face Transplant Ever

In 2001, volunteer firefighter Patrick Hardison was severely burned and lost most of his face, including his much of his nose, lips, ears, and eyelids. He spent months at a burn center in Tennessee, and his eyes were almost completely sewn shut since he couldn’t blink.

On Monday, the NYU Langone Medical Center announced that they had successfully carried out a procedure on Hardison in August. A team of surgeons led by Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez performed what is being called the most extensive face transplant ever and a historic achievement.

The donated tissue extends from the top of his scalp to the bottom of his neck at the front, and almost all the way down his neck at the back. He has new hair from the donor’s scalp growing on his head.

Hardison, now 41, is currently able to enjoy a normal life, as he is no longer stared at outdoors. He hopes to make a career out of inspiring others who feel hopeless.

Scientists Revealed Driver Of Mosquitoes Which Plays Main Role In Malaria Growth

Malaria is a deadly disease that affects millions of people’s life every year. It spreads when a mosquito bites you. Scientists have found out the parasite, which is the main reason for the Malaria. The Parasite is called as Plasmodium. It spreads to human beings and mammals when byte by a female mosquito. The symptoms appear only after ten to fifteen days of bite. A protein imported for a cell division known as cyclin is the main reason for the driving of the malaria parasite in female mosquitoes. Plasmodium has very complex life cycle, and it requires two hosts namely mammal and mosquito. When a human is infected by mosquito byte, then the plasmodium is multiplied in liver and affects the blood cells. If it is not treated, malaria will quickly disrupt the blood supply to important organs and become more dangerous. This invention of Plasmodium and Cyclin may help to diminish the disease in future.

FDA’s new food-safety rules target fresh food producers and importers

After a long wait for an overhaul of America’s food safety regulations, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) on November 13, 2015 released a set of new food safety rules. The new rules are aimed at ensuring that all fresh produce grown or imported in the United States is safe for human consumption. Importers and producers will be required by FDA to ensure that fruits and vegetables are not contaminated with disease-causing bacteria.

Fresh produce importers are in particular required to ensure their foreign suppliers adhere to strict safety standards as stipulated by the FDA. Farmers are also required to maintain high safety standards including conducting mandatory tests on water used to raise their produce.

With the new rules, The FDA hopes to safeguard Americans’ health by preventing foodborne disease outbreaks in the United States. Recently, there was a salmonella outbreak caused by imported cucumbers that killed four people in Arizona, California and Texas.

Special Digital Electronic Glasses To Help Children With Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)

Amblyopia also called Lazy Eye, is the main cause of visual impairment in children. The children feel poor vision on eye. Usually the development is not visible during early childhood. It occurs when one eye is more near sighted than the other one. Sometimes one eye wanders/strays inward. The child need to take treatment by the age of eight or so. It is the starting age while the brain and eyes are further developing to prevent defects in the weaker eye.

It becomes difficult for both parents and ophthalmologists to help children to accomplish with lazy eye treatments like medicated drops or eye patches, because of discomfort and social stigma. A study conducted recently revealed that there are 15% children who refuse to take eye drops, and remaining children feels anxious before using eye drops. Both eye patches and eye drops work based on the method called occlusion, which blocks vision in the eye with the best sight, hence forcing the brain to depend on the so-called lazy eye. Though there are so many children who still need eye glasses to correct their sight.

AAO presented the research on 119th annual meeting, at 2015. Thereby, it was found that the scientists have developed the digital glasses to help children to solve lazy eye. This digital glasses are specially designed electronic glasses that combine occlusion and vision correction. The lenses are made up of LCD and also they are programmed to change from clear to opaque. The change depends on the occlusion of the eye and for the numerous time intervals. Basically, it acts like a digital patch that on and off.

In this last half century, this digital patch is the very first new effective treatment of Amblyopia. In a random study, the researchers tested the effectiveness of this digital glasses compared with regular eye patches. The results are very positive towards to this digital patches. In this vast study, the glass worn by lazy eye children changes from clear to opaque for every thirty seconds. After three months of comparison, it is found that both groups of children has achieved same amount of improvement and gained two lines in chart.

This glasses are really great alternative to normal patches which need to be taken care often. The eye care professional sells this worth and effective glasses for the price around 450$. We can hope that it will help millions of children to cure Amblyopia.